Same Lessons

Am I done yet?  Learning the same lesson over and over again.  I get it.  I get it.  I’ve learned it through and through now.  Nobody will want this.  Those hopes will forever be raised and crushed like an ant underneath a boot.  I get it.  So stop the lesson.  Let the clock cease it’s ticking.  So let me be.  Let there be a happiness.  A hug strong enough to cease the worries.  A hand that will hold mine, so perfectly.  A thumb that will rub away the worries.  A small, reassuring squeeze.  But let it last longer than a moment.  Longer.  Just a little bit.  To let me climb out of a hole and walk a path.  To see daylight.  Someone help me.  Hold me.  Guide me.  I am calling.  I am waiting.


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