It’s nice to meet you!  I am a college student who has a lot on her mind.  But for sanity’s sake, I’ll give a little list of who I am.  Just a few facts really.


1.  I am Chinese American and along with that comes a love for all things rice and cute things related.

2.  I am a Potterhead.  A downright Potterhead.  I have an account on Pottermore, read fanfiction (I don’t write it, not often at least) and all that. I have the Elder Wand and a Slytherin Scarf.  I identify myself as a Ravenclaw and Draco Malfoy is intensely sexy (I may or may not have a thing for Tom Felton)>

3.  I’m a Cassiopeia.  Not the constellation.  It means I am a fan of TVXQ, a Korean Pop band.  I am huge into K-Pop and enjoy the Korean culture as well.

4.  I like anime and manga such as Sekirei, Soul Eater, Kimi ni Todoke and Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

5.  I draw.  A lot.  I like drawing dolls.  Something about being able to draw things that I know I’ll never look like makes me happy, and a little sad too.

6.  I hate my body.  That is it.  I hate my body.  But I like my thumbs.  Yes, I do like my thumbs.

7.  I love reading.  My favorite books are Les Miserables – Victor Hugo, Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead – Ayn Rand and obviously every Harry Potter book possible and all of LOTR.

8.  My butt hurts.

9.  I listen to just about everything, music-wise.  And when I say everything, I mean just about every genre.  I listen from Death Metal to Classical, Hip-hop to Smooth Jazz.

10.  I like to eat.

I honestly don’t know what to put anymore.  Oh, I’m highly sarcastic and my zodiac sign is Cancer.  Well, thank you for taking the time to get to know me, I enjoy it and appreciate it.  Thank you!


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